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CPMC - Cathedral Hill Hospital (SAN FRANCISCO, ca, usa)
Four story concrete shear wall basement + fourteen story Steel Special Moment Resisting Frame (SMRF) building with viscous wall dampers, with a total footage of 1,160,000 sq.ft. FSA designed the below grade structure (four stories) in SAP 2000. Instead of employing conventional mat foundation, the foundation system used continuous wall footings around the perimeter concrete walls, spread footings for the interior columns and with grade beams supporting the Moment Frames. The analysis model used no restraints, and all loads were resisted by soil vertical springs, friction and passive non-linear springs applied on the foundation and walls. The diaphragms-concrete filled metal deck, and composite steel beams were checked for biaxial load transfer mechanism that are not quantified in the US code. Separate SAP models of the floor
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  • Building Retrofit
  • Chennai Structural Consultants
  • Civic Earthquake Retrofit
  • Civic Structural Engineering
diaphragm were modeled to study and quantify the axial load distribution between beams and the concrete filled metal deck and the buckling capacity of the floor diaphragm with gravity loads. Apart from the basement structure, few ancillary elements were designed by FSA. A 30 foot screen wall and the cooling tower platform at the roof, and composite beams that are to be penetrated by fire sprinkler lines were checked for adequacy. Architect: SmithGroup
Structural Engineer of Record: Degenkolb Engineers, Oakland
Structural Engineer: FSA, India


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